Come out and enjoy the beautiful nature that can only be experienced on Hartesløjfen.

The Hartesløjfen winds from Harteværket along forest paths, bridges and country roads towards Ferup Sø and Stallerup Sø and back to Harteværket and Kolding Å.

The entire route is a total of approx. 13 kilometers. The route can also be shortened to a trip around Stallerup Lake, which has a length of approx. 8.5 kilometers.

Hartesløjfen is for the whole family (note that the route is not suitable for people with walking difficulties and prams in all places) and can be experienced both on foot and by bicycle.

At Hartesløjfen you can e.g. take a ride on the tow ferry, spend the night in shelters, board a “sunken” boat, exercise in the beautiful nature or play that you are one of the old brushes that dug canals and dams to Harteværket near Kolding 100 years ago.

Ferup Sø

At Ferup Lake, a tow ferry has been set up, which can bring you dry-shod over to the other side of the lake, where you can enjoy your food in the packed lunch house.

The ferry weighs 780 kg, and since it is 50 meters to the other side, forces must be used to climb the lake. The ferry can accommodate a maximum of eight people and can be used from sunrise to sunset. The address is: Egtvedvej 132, 6000 Kolding.

In the brush playground, children and childish souls can try life as a brush. The brushes were the loose workers who by hand dug the canals from Stallerup and Ferup Sø to Harteværket. On the playground you will find shovels, excavators, tractors, conveyor belts, etc., which facilitate the work of today’s small brushes.

On Troldhedebanestien from Dybvadbro to Ferup Sø, there are fitness equipment in concrete, which can be used for both play and exercise in the open air. The Troldhede line is the old railway line that ran between Kolding and Troldhede. Today, the course is used as a nature trail from Kolding to Ferup, and along the way you encounter many experiences and facilities.

Finally, Ferup Lake offers three shelter sites – including two brand new ones – where you can spend the night and make a fire. There is also a multi-toilet. The shelters can be booked via

Remember: if you want to use the campfire sites by the shelters, you must bring your own firewood. There are barbecue grills by the campfire sites.

When you go to Ferup Lake, you can park the car at Dybvadbro Station and walk the last 1.2 km into the Lake.
You can drive to this address. Egtvedvej 132, 6000 Kolding.

Remember it is NOT permitted to drive into Ferup Lake not even to unload.

Troldhedebanestien is a nature trail located on the old railway track, which runs between Kolding and Troldhede.

On the 2 km long path from Dybvadbro Station and out to Ferup Lake, various concrete installations have been established. Here you can exercise in the open air, play with the children, rest and at the same time enjoy the beautiful nature.

The shape of the installations should be reminiscent of the old railway, and therefore fits in with the surrounding nature.


Facts about Stallerup Lake

The lake is 24 ha (240,000 m²)
The average depth of the lake is approx. 2 m with a maximum depth of 5 m at the deepest point, located in the northeast corner of the lake at the inlet of the lake.

Stallerup Lake

When walking around Stallerup Lake, note that boardwalks can be slippery if wet. At some times of the year, it may be a good idea to put on his rubber boots around the lake, especially during the periods when we have received a lot of rain.

Stallerup Lake is a natural lake.
Before Harteværket’s construction in 1918-20, it was drained north via Almind Å to Vester Nebel Å and from there on to Kolding Å.
The brushes then connected the southern end of Stallerup Lake to Harteværket via canals, so that the water could flow to Harteværket rather than north out of the lake to Vester Nebel Å.

At Stallerup Lake you can experience a “sunken” boat, which illustrates the tragic story of the brushes that drowned during their day off during a rowing trip on the lake. The capsized boat is designed so that it looks as if it has taken in water. The boat is located by the lake shore, so you can step into it and get very close to the water.

It has also become possible to walk around the lake along the shore. A total of 75 meters of wooden walkways have been built, so you can pass the wet areas without getting wet feet.

Dybvadbro and Troldhedebanen

Dybvadbro is the first station on the Kolding-Troldhede railway line in Central Jutland. Troldhedebanen was built in 1913-1917. With almost 100 km, it was the country’s longest private railway. A clerk was in charge of the daily operation of the station. She steered the barriers at Egtvedvej, hoisted the signal flag in the 20 meter high flagpole and managed three daily mail routes.

Dybvadbro Station is located about 8 km from Kolding. The station has been active under the private Troldhede-Kolding-Vejen Railway also called the Troldhede line. The station was closed (March 31, 1968) in connection with the closure of the railway. Today you can still get very close to the well-preserved station building and platform. The attached warehouse also has a small free exhibition about the Troldhede-Kolding-Vejen Railway. The Troldhede railway path, which runs on the old track, goes close past the station.

The building was designed by architect Robert V. Schmidt and was built in 1916 by master mason Anton Jeppesen from Taulov, for a price of approx. DKK 14,000. The station was taken into use on 25 August 1917, when the first train on the Troldhede line ran in ordinary operation. You could see the station’s high mast (20 m) at the semaphor, from Bramdrupdam. The mast has since been removed (1961), but the foundation can still be seen at the station.

The warehouse, which is today used as an exhibition, was used as a warehouse by consignments.

It is allowed to sail with canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and other non-motorized vessels on the lower part of Kolding Å. That is, from the outlet in the fjord to the gangway at Påby Enge, some distance above the motorway bridge.

On the stretch from Kolding Fjord to Plovfuren, sailing is allowed all year round and around the clock.
On the stretch from Plovfuren to Påby Enge and in the canal up to Harteværket, sailing is allowed all year round in the period from sunrise to sunset.

Sailing on Hartekanalen, Påby Sø, Stallerup Sø and the southern part of Søndersø

By further agreement and permission from Kolding Municipality, it is allowed to sail by canoe or kayak on the above-mentioned lakes in the period 16 June – 31 December in the period at. 8.00 to sunset.

If an agreement has previously been entered into with Vejle County, this will continue. Documentation of the agreement must be brought.

It is possible to rent a canoe at Harteværket and sail from Harteværket and to the southern part of Stallerup Lake and back. Harteværket has received a permit from Kolding Municipality for these sailings within Harteværket’s opening hours.

Read more about sailing on Kolding Å

Sailing on Kolding Å

Book a shelter -Try to sleep outdoors

You can book a shelter at Påby Enge or at Ferup Sø.

Påby Meadows The shelter is beautifully situated with a view of the meadows by Kolding Å.
Here there is accommodation for 6 people as well as covered tables and benches and a fireplace.

At the shelter there is access to the viewing platform and access to the creek, where you can dock with your canoe, or throw the fishing line into the water.

The shelter is located on the route called Påby Enge, which is marked with yellow arrows. The route starts from both Harteværket and Præstekæret near Påby.
There is no access to the shelter by car and you must bring firewood and water.

You can park approx. 350 meters from the shelter, after the address Præstekæret 23, 6000 Kolding

The shelter is located on Harte Parish Council land and has been built in collaboration between the Parish Council and Kolding Municipality. If you experience things that are not as they should be, then contact the Parish Council or Kolding municipality.

The shelter can be booked in the summer period from kl. 16.00- kl. 8.00.

We have three shelters at Ferup Lake.
You wake up to the most beautiful view of the lake.

In addition, there is a playground, campfire site and toilet by the shelters.

When you go to Ferup Lake, you can park the car at Dybvadbro Station and walk the last 1.2 km into the Lake.

You can drive to this address. Egtvedvej 132, 6000 Kolding.
Remember it is NOT permitted to drive into Ferup Lake not even to unload.

Harteværket has built the shelters at Ferup Lake in collaboration with the Danish Nature Agency and Kolding Municipality. If you experience something that is not as it should be contact then Kolding Municipality.