The experience center

The plant and it's surrounding area is an attraction that offers lots of attractions for both children and adults.

Only 3 km from the center of Kolding lies Denmark’s first major hydropower plant.

The plant is still in use today and produces 1% of the power in Kolding. Here you will find a modern experience center where children and adults can learn and have fun at the same time.

Visit Denmark’s first large hydroplant from 1920.

Step right into the old, beautiful turbine hall. Up close you can experience how water is used to make electricity. 

You can also take a tour of the plant’s nooks and crannies, experience the magic in the interactive sandbox or see the exhibition of electrical appliances from your great-grandparent’s generation.

The lunch break pavilion

Everyone is free to use our lunch break pavilion. It is open from May 1 till mid-October from 7.30 – 21.30. It closes at 17.00 for the remainder of the year, 

In the lunch break pavilion, you will find toilets, table sets, cupboards and a fireplace. You are welcome to light a fire.

If you plan to visit Værket or use our water playground, an entrance ticket must be purchased. This applies to both children and adults.

The lunch break pavilion cannot be booked in advance.

It is NOT allowed to grill/barbecue within Harteværket’s area.

lunch break pavilion

Sydbank Trampoline park

Trampoline park

In the area you will also find a trampoline park. We have 8 trampolines in different sizes,

The trampoline park is part of the payment area and can only be used within our opening hours.

The water playground

Behind Harteværket lies the water playground. Here the  children can direct water through a maze of canals and challenge the laws of physics in whirling water machines.

During opening hours, it is possible to build a boat. You can buy a boat hull in our ticket sale for DKK 20. Then you can decorate it at the craft station in our tower.

All children will be given either a logbook or a crown when admission has been paid. Both contain tasks for the children to solve.


Water playground