Enjoy a nice boat trip on Kolding Å or to Stallerup Lake. Rent a canoe or kayak.

Price per. canoe Kolding Å:

Rent per. hour: DKK 150, –
Rent per. day: DKK 475, –

Price per. sea ​​kayak (tourist kayaks):

Rent per. hour: DKK 120, –
Rent per. day: DKK 350

Price per. canoe, Stallerup Lake:

2½ hour DKK 300 kr.

Canoes can only be rented to Stallup Lake every 2 hours (10 am and 1 pm)

Please note it is NOT possible to book by phone. Book your canoe via the Book Here link at the top. You are also welcome to just show up, but if you want to be absolutely sure that there is a canoe for you, we encourage you to book in advance.

Booking outside our opening hours:
If you are a larger group who want to rent a canoe / kayak outside our opening hours, you can send us an email at  [email protected]

Write what date and time it is about, as well as how many people you are. To sail outside the opening hours, you must rent min. 3 canoes in min. 2 hours.

(A deposit of DKK 400 per canoe and per kayak is charged)

There can be three adults in a canoe or two adults and two children under the age of 12 in a canoe. However, always a maximum of 400 kg incl. luggage.

Sea kayak that can accommodate 2 adults. However, always a maximum of 215 kg. incl. luggage.

All persons are given life jackets.

You start and end at Harteværket. Ie. you can not drop off your canoe / kayak anywhere other than at Harteværket.

Remember to pick up your canoe / kayak at the booked time. After 15 min. we reserve the right to rent to another party.

Cancellation: you can cancel your booking up to 2 hours before departure. If you cancel later than this, you will be charged the full amount.

You can cancel your canoe at  [email protected] or per. tel.  +45 23 28 39  69 during our  opening hours . You can also cancel via our booking system. You must use the code you received when you booked your canoe.





Tour 1 - Blinde Å

Sailing time: From Harteværket to Blinde Å approx. 40 min, return to the water stream approx. 60 min.

If you sail into Blinde Å, there is the possibility of landing and picnic with tables and benches.

These are the original twists and turns of Kolding Å, from before it was carried out for approx. 100 years ago, when Harteværket was built.

Tour 2 - Påby Enge approx. 2.3 km from Harteværket

Sailing time: From Harteværket to Påby Enge approx. 1 hour, return approx. 45 min.

At Påby Enge it is possible to go ashore at the gangway. Here you will find a viewing platform a little up on the slope and a little further up towards the forest there is a shelter with a campfire site.

Pga. conditions in the river, no further sailing is allowed in the river from Påby Enge.

Tour 3 - Plovfuren, ca. 1 km. from Harteværket

Sailing time: From Harteværket to Plovfuren approx. 15 min. return approx. 30 min.

At Plovfuren you will find an underwater camera where you can experience life below the surface.

Efforts are being made to make the canoeists go ashore in an easier way than is currently the case.

Tour 4 - City and marina

Sailing time: from Harteværket to city approx. 1 hour and 30 min. Return approx. 2 hours.

More options for landing in Kolding City. You can enjoy lunch at one of the city’s many cafés or restaurants.

You can sail all the way to the Marina, but remember you have to go back again.

Stallerup Lake (2 hours)

If you want a little calmer water, we recommend the trip to  Stallerup Lake . The route is perfect for you who are a beginner. 

You sail above Harteværket (you turn in the ticket sales when you arrive) and out towards Dons Søerne.

It is not allowed to sail out on Stallerup Lake, but only to “The sunken boat”, which is located at the beginning of the lake.

At the “sunken boat” you will find a jetty where you can make a stop before the trip goes back towards Harteværket. Inland there is a table / bench set where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

Only canoes from Harteværket can sail to Stallerup Lake

On a canoe trip on Kolding Å

From Harteværket you first sail approx. 500 m. Down the drainage channel from the hydropower plant.

Here you meet Kolding Å, which i.a. is known for its many sea trout.

Here you can sail either with the water current down to Kolding City, or against the current, out under the motorway to the viewing platform and the shelter. In both directions the river winds in the beautiful river valley,

where one can enjoy the sight of cattle grazing the meadows along the creek.

If you choose to sail down towards the city, you first meet the road bridge at Plovfuren and approx. 2 km. further down the river you come to Vestre Ringgade.

Here, too, the river winds, and here you can feel completely in your own world, even if you approach the city.

From Vestre Ringgade down to Kolding city center, you sail with houses on both sides and experience the city in a completely different way.

It takes approx. 40 min. to sail to the city center. You need to calculate extra time to sail back as you sail against the current.

We do not recommend that smaller children sail in a canoe / kayak themselves, as they will have difficulty steering the boat themselves.