Dybvadbro and the Troldhedetrack

Dybvadbro is the first trainstation on the railway between Kolding and Troldhede.

The Troldhedetrack was made in 1913-1917. At that time, it was the longest private track with a length of barely 100 km. A salewoman worked the daily operation of the station. She controlled the bars at Egtvedvej, hoisted the signal flag on the pole and took care of three daily mail routes.

The trainstation in Dybvadbro is places approx. 8 km. outside of Kolding.

dybvadbro trainstation

The station has been active under the private railroad Troldhede-Kolding-Vejen, which is also known as Troldhedebanen (the Troldhedetrack). The station was closed down on march 31 1968 when the railroad was closed as well.

To this day, you can still come close to the well preserved stationbuilding, the platform and the associated warehouse, which has a small exhibit about the Trail between Troldhede and Kolding.

The building was designed by architect Robert V. Schmidt and dates back to 1916. It was build by the master builder Anton Jeppensen from Taulov, and had a price of approx. 14,000 DKK. The station opened on August 25 1917, when the first train on the Troldhedetrack drove in an ordinary operation. You could see the tall mast (20 m.) at the ssemaphore, from Bramdrupdam. The mast was removed in 1961, but the foundations is still visible at the station.


Egtvedvej 132

6000 Kolding


Source: wikipedia