It is allowed to sail in a cayak, a canoe, a rowing-boat or another non-motorized boat on the lower part of the stream of Kolding. That is, from the outlet till the bridge at Paaby meadow.

  • It is allowed to sail every day, all year, day and night on the reach from Kolding inlet to Plovfuren.
  • It is allowed to sail from sunrise to sunset on the reach from Plovfuren to Paaby Meadow

Ii is allowed to sail on Hartekanalen, Paaby lake, Stallerup lake and the southern side of Sonderso with a canoe or a kayak during the period between June 16 - December 16 from 8 am. untill sunset. However, the condition for getting a license to sail on these reaches from Kolding municipality is, that the reason for sailing has a communicative purpose in relation to Hartevaerket. Therefore, it is only possible to go there with a guide from either Koldingmunicipality or from Hartevaerket.

map of the described routes