Harteslojfen (The bow of Harte)

Get out, and into the open and enjoy the beautiful nature at Harteslojfen

Hartesløjfen winds down paths in the woods, bridges and road from the Harteværk and to Ferup Lake and Stallerup Lake, and then back to the Harteværk and Kolding River.
The full trip is about 13 km (8.1 miles), but you can take a shorter version, where you walk down to Stallerup Lake, this is 8.5 km (5.3 miles)

Hartesløjfen is for the whole family (please notice that the trip is not well-suited for people with trouble walking or for baby carriages) and can be enjoyed by both walking or bicycling.

At Hartesløjfen you can use the rope ferry or spend a night in the new shelters, exercise out in the open, experience the old boat, or pretend that you are one of the old workers that dug the canal 100 years ago.

You can download a map of Hartesløjfen here kort_harteslojfen.pdf1.50 MB. The map is in Danish.

Stallerup Lake