Enjoy the Nature at Ferup Lake

At Ferup Lake there is a ropeferry, three shelters, and a playground for the kids.

At Ferup Lake we have a rope ferry, to help bring you dry over the lake ,where you can enjoy your home-brought lunch in the lunch break pavillon

The ferry is quite heavy, as it weighs 780 kg (1720 lbs.), and since there is 50 meters from one side of the lake to the other, it will take a bit of an effort to cross the lake. The ferry has a max capacity of eight people, and it can be used from dusk till dawn. The ferry is located at Egtvedvej 132,6000 Kolding.

On the workers-playground children and childlike souls can try the life as a worker. The workers known as “the Brushes" were the casual laborer, that by hand dug the canals from Stallerup and Ferup Lake to Hartevaerket. On the playground you will find shovels, dredgers, conveyor belts, etc., all making the lives of today’s workers easier.

On the Troldhedebane path from Dybvadbro to Ferup Lake there is fitness equipment in concrete, usable for both fun and exercise out in the open. The Troldhedebane is the old railway line, going from Troldhede to Kolding. Today it’s a walking path from Kolding to Ferup.

The rope-ferry

Lastly Ferup Lake has three places for you to set up your shelters. Two of them are completely new. Here you can sleep and make a fire. There will also be an earth-toilet in the ground. You can book the shelter on: Udinaturen.dk. This website is only available in Danish.


Remember to bring wood, if you wish to make a fire by the shelters. However, you should be careful, as there might be a prohibition on open fire, in periods of very hot and dry summer.

When you’re going to Ferup Lake parking can be done by Dybvadbro Station, and then you will have to walk the remaining 1.2 km (0.75 miles) to the lake.
Address for parking: Egtvedvej 132, 6000 Kolding.
REMEMBER it is NOT allowed to drive in to Ferup Lake, not even for on/off-loading