The plant consists of three hydropower turbines, of the brand Francis. The most distinguishing feature about these types of turbines is, that they use a special technology, which is ideal for a small hydropowerplant as Hartevaerket, due to the fact that this specific technology generates a lot of energi from a relatively small amount of water.

The two large turbines each generates 350 kW per hour, and uses 2400 liters of water per second. The small turbine genertes 250 kW per hour and uses 1200 liters of water per second.

turbine close



The original technology

The turbines and generators that you can experience at Hartevaerket, are the original ones, dating back to 1918. They are still functioning and in use.

Thus, all technology at Hartevaerket is 100 years old. There has only been one replacement, that of Ristehuset, which is located at the top of the hill, where the water is filtered before being lead to the turbines. Ristehuset was replaced in 1947.




The Power grid

Hartevaerket is plugged into the 10 kV net of EWII.

The has been established a 60/10 kV substation, next to Hartevaerket.

This means, that Hartevaerket has a strong arming to the distribution, which ensures that the plant kan deliver system services, in the form of primary regulation.