The Brushes

While travelling by train through the Danish coutryside, one does not really think about these workers, the ”Brushes”, and their extraordinary labour, behind the development of modern transport infrastructures.

We tend to forget the dedication and hard work of these men, who devoted the greatest part of their life to the construction of a modern Danish rail network, all by manual labour.

These so called ”Brushes” have also been largely involved in the excavation and preparatory works for the construction of Harteværket. Their hard work has made possible the edification of a modern, well functioning hydroelectric plant, still in use today, almost 100 years later.


The accident at Stallerup Lake

One of the stories that takes up a lot of space in the storytellings of Hartevaerket, is the one concerning the drowning incident in Stallerup Lake, where five of the brushes drowned during the summer of 1919.

The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon, where ten of the workers wanted to go sail on the lake, and th boat unfortunately capsized, and all of the men fell into the water. 

The story of the drowning incident is incredibly important to the history of Hartevaerket, since it has provides our historians with some of the names of the workers, who built Hartevaerket.

The memoribilia at Harte church