A Naturally formed lake

Before the construction of Hartevaerket from 1918-20 it was drained through north  by Almind stream and then continued throuh Vester Nebel Stream.Stallerup Lake is a naturally formed lake.

stallerup lake


After this, the brushes connected the south end of the lake with Hartevaerket, by canals. This made the water run towards Hartevaerket, instead of running north and out of the lake, to Vester Nebel stream.

At Stallerup Lake you can experience a "sunken boat" which illustrates the tragic story about a group of brushes who died in a drowning incident at that place.

It is also possible to walk all the way around the lake. There is 75 meters of wooden walkway, which makes it possible to walk through the areas, keeping your shoes and feet dry.


Facts about Stallerup Lake

The lake is 240,000 mand has an average depth of approx. 2 meters, with a maximal depth of 5 meters. This area is placed in the northern corner, at the inlet of the lake.

 stallerup lake