The Paaby Shelter at the stream of Kolding

This shelter is located in a beautiful setting with a view of the stream and the surrounding meadows.

The is enough room for six people to spend the night. There is also a table and benches, covered in case of rain, and a fireplace.

From the shelter you have access to the viewing-platform as well as to the stream, where you can try and catch a fish.

You can't acces the shelter with a car, and you need to bring your own wood for the fireplace and water.

You can book the shelter during the summer from 8 pm. to 8 am.



The shelter at Ferup Lake

At Ferup lake, we have three shelters that you can book. At this location, there is also a playground for the children as well as toiletfacilities.

You can park your car at Dybvadbro station and walk the remaining 1,2 km.