Practical information about Hartevaerket.

Address: Alpedalsvej 107 A, DK - 6000 Kolding

Payment: When you walk into Hartevaerket or use the water playground you will have to pay the entry fee. You can pay with a credit card.

Closed: During the winter there will be a bar closing the entry to Hartevaerket every weekday after 3:30 pm (Friday 12 pm) and always in the weekends. However, you are still welcome to take walk around in the area. You can park your car next to the bar or in the small parking lot on Alpedalsvej.

Handicapped: At the Harteværk many paths are wheel chair friendly. However, some places are not well-suited for users of a wheel chair or people with walking trouble. There are two handicap-friendly bathrooms, one in Madpakkehuset and one in the Harteværk.

Dogs: You can take your dog to Hartevaerket, just remember to always keep it in its leash. The dog is not allowed to be taken into Hartevaerket and we expect you to pick up what your dog might leave behind…

Grill: It is not allowed to be grilling in the area of Hartevaerket. Nor is it allowed to bring your own grill to the lunch-break pavillon.

Groups: Larger groups are welcome. It is recommended that you contact Hartevaerket beforehand. There is no group-discount on the entry fee.

Canoe/kayak: You are welcome to put your own canoe/kayak in the lake by Hartevaerket, just remember that there must be a free passage to the bridge, meaning that you should keep your canoe/kayak away from the lowest placed bridge.

Food: Food that you have brought yourself can be eaten in one of the two lunch-break pavillons. One of them is located by the entrance, and the other on the water playground. If you use the pavillon located at the water playground, you must pay the entry fee. The pavillons cannot be reserved beforehand.

Parking: Parking is free at Hartevaerket

Prices: You can find our opening hours and prices here

Changing station: Can be found by the toilets in the lunch-break pavillon by the entrance.

Schools: Schools are very welcome on Hartevaerket, but remember to let us know before your arrival.

Toilets: There are two toilets in our lunch-break pavillons near the entrance, and one at the plant.

Washing bicycles: You can freely wash your bikes at the bicycle washing spot in front of the entrance.