Enjoy a nice sail on Kolding River. Rent a canoe or a kayak


Kolding Creek:

Price per. canoe/kayak, Kolding Creek:

Rent per hour: DKK 150, -

Rent per day: DKK 475, -

(A deposit of 400, DKK will be required for each canoe)


Stallerup Lake:

Price per. canoe, Stallerup Lake (2 ½ hour)

Rent per 2½ hour: DKK 300, -

(A deposit of 400, DKK will be required for each canoe)


A canoe can fit three adults or two adults and two children. However, there is a max limit of 400 kg (882 lbs.) including luggage.

In a kayak the limit is two adults and a small child. Here the weight limit is 215 (474 lbs.) kg including luggage.

All passengers will be given a life jacket.

The canoes (4 in total) and the kayaks (2 in total) are only available for rental during our opening hours 

Rent a canoe

Please note, that you CANNOT book a canoe or a kayak via phone, you will have to use the red link further down the page. Showing up in person is also possible, but to be sure of getting a canoe we recommend booking beforehand.

The starting and ending point will be at Hartevaerket. This means that you cannot give back your canoe/kayak at any other given place. Please remember to pick up your canoe/kayak at the time from which you have booked it. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the set time, we might reserve the right to rent it out to another costumer.

It will be possible to cancel your rental up until two hours before you were booked to leave. If you cancel any later than this, we will require a full payment.

You can book your canoe here. However, the website is in Danish.


Recommendations for canoe routes

Option 1. Blinde Stream

Time: It takes about 40 minutes, from Hartevaerket to Blinde stream. Going back will take about 1 hour (since you will be going against the current).

If you sail into Blinde stream, it will be possible to go ashore, where benches are available for your convenience.

Blinde Stream is the original bends from Kolding river, from before it was straightened about 100 years ago, when Hartevaerket was built.

blinde stream


Option 2. Paaby meadow approx. 2.3 km (1.76 miles) from Hartevaerket.

It takes about 1 hour from Hartevaerket to Påby meadow. Going back takes about 45 min.

At Påby meadow it is possible to go  ashore. If you go up a slight hill there will be a platform where you can enjoy the view. If you go up a bit more, inside the woods, there will be a shelter and a fire place.

Sailing further down the lake from Påby meadow is NOT ALLOWED.



Option 3. Plovfuren, approx. 1 km. from Hartevaerket.

It takes approx. 15 minutes to go from Hartevaerket to Plovfuren, and about 30 minutes going back.

At Plovfuren you will find an underwater camera, where you can experience life in the water. Currently we are working on improving the way you can get onto the land from the canoe.



Option 4. The City and the Marina

It takes approx. 60 minutes from Hartevaerket to the city. Going back takes approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.

There are multiple options to go ashore in Kolding City. You can enjoy lunch in one of the many cafés or restaurants in the city. You can sail all the way out to the marina but remember that you have to get back again.


About Kolding River

Canoeing on Kolding river

From Hartevaerket you sail 500 meters on the canal from the waterplant. Then you will get to Kolding River, among other things known for its sea trout.

From here you can either sail with the current down towards Kolding city, or against the current towards the shelters and the highway. In both directions, the lake will bend through the pretty river valley, where you can enjoy the sight of the cattle grazing in the meadow along the lake.

If you choose to sail towards the city you will see the bridge by Plovfuren and 2 km further down the lake you will be at Vestre Ringgade.

As the lake bends you will be able to enter your own world even if you are nearing the city center.

Sailing from Vestre Ringgade to the center of Kolding city, you will have houses on both sided of you and be experience the city in a completely new way.

The trip will take about 40 min down to the city center and remember that the trip back will take longer as you are sailing against the current.

We do NOT recommend that younger children sail the canoe/kayak alone as it might be difficult for them to control the boat.




Stallerup Lake (2,5 hours)

If you wish a calm trip canoing, we recommend that you go to Stallerup Lake. This route us perfect is you are a beginner at canoeing.

The route starts across from Hartevaerket and towards the Dons lakes. (Please address our ticket sale at the entrance when you arrive).

Stallerup Lake

It is not allowed to sail further than “the sunken boat” at the beginning at Stallerup Lake. Here, you will find a bridge where you can go ashore and make a stop before going back to Hartevaerket. You will find a table and a bench where you can enjoy your lunch.

It is only allowed to sail onto Stallerup Lake in canoes rented at Hartevaerket.