A place for experiments, open for everybody

Hartevaerket is a recreational and educational center, offering lots of fun to both children and adults.

Located only 3 km from Kolding City, Hartevaerket happens to be the first major hydropower plant ever built in Denmark (1918-1920). The plant is still in use today and contributes to 1% of Kolding’s electrical needs. Inside the preserved and authentic frame of the place, a modern pedagogical center has been imagined, where both children and adults can have fun and get a better understanding of water, energy and the generation of electricity.

You can download a map of the area here.




The plant

Step into the old and beautiful turbine powerhouse, where you’ll be witnessing how water gets transformed into electricity.

Feel the magic in the interactive sandbox, try walking on water or visit the expositions of electrical items from the past. When there is enough water in the stream, the enormous turbines will start to generate electricity, which is an extremely noisy affair. You can also explore the hidden corners of the plant.

The turbines

Water interaction spots

Right behind the hydroelectric plant, you will find a number  of water-related activities. The young children can enjoy an interactive installation where they can experiment with changing the flows of water through a labyrinth of canals. The older kids can test out the laws of physics on dynamic water machines.

the waterplayground

The area

You can observe and study the circulation of water through the turbines all around the site. Everytime the sluices are opened, 6000 liters of water are drained through the 80 meters long red penstock. You may also indulge yourself with a walk in the beautiful nature, play, exercise on the hilly ground or eat your lunchbox inside the dedicated wooden pavillon, whre we encourage you to light a fire, in our fireplace.

Hartevaerket seen from the stream

You can also do:

Build your own wooden boat
Treasure hunt: Help the light operative find the current around the power plant
Rent a canoe
Jump on the trampolines
Play at the water playground
Enjoy your lunch at in our pavilion. Feel free to light a fire in the fireplace